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  • Economic Indicators (by County)
    Economic indicators are key statistics used to analyze business conditions and make forecasts. They give us a picture of the economy in a particular geographic region at a current point in time. The following economic indicators include statistics for general excise tax base revenue, labor force, tourism, building permits, and employment by industry. Statistics are provide for the past 5 years and for the past four quarters of the year. We hope the simple table and graph format will provide a useful, easy-to-read and use tool for your business plan, feasibility study, or research project.
  • Maui County Data Book
    Best source for county business data with over 150 statistical tables and maps. Print and diskette available.
  • Starting A Business In Maui County
    Includes "Focus Maui Nui," the groundbreaking project, begun in May 2003, in which nearly 1,700 participants – representing all planning districts and a broad range
    of demographic groups – met in a participatory process to define a vision, core values and key strategies to lead Maui County into an economically sound future.
  • State of Small Business Survey - Hawai'i - 2001 through 2005
  • Hawai'i Community Profiles
    By Census Designated Place or Zip Code - Includes age, income, ethnic, employment and educational breakdowns by census divisions and census designated places. Great for business plans.
  • Hawai'i SMALLBIZ E-news
    A FREE electronic newsletter covering Local, State and National issues affecting small business in Hawai‘i delivered to your email every month
  • LandView6 Demographic Location Profile (sample - PDF)
    LandView6 is a desktop mapping system that searches and maps selected information from the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the U.S. Geological Survey. The HBR Library in turn packages the results into customized demographic profiles which include four (4) page Census 2000 profiles and maps for the research area. Results assist clients in designing sales territories, setting sales quotas, enhancing business opportunity presentations to banks and venture capitalists, and generally evaluating new business opportunities.
  • The Recycling/Remanufacturing in Hawai'i:
    An Industry Report A report describing the current state of affairs among Hawaii's recycling businesses in relation to past practices and national circumstances.